What Is JBWealthFIT?

  • Lessons from the Pros

    All JBWealthFIT educational material is written by professional financial advisors who use these same methods with their clients day in and day out.

  • Steps That Work

    Each step of the JBWealthFIT program is time-tested and optimized for results. Put in the work and start seeing the rewards.

  • Full Life Application

    It isn't just about your financial life- it's about living your whole life to its maximum potential. This curriculum is designed to improve your habits and empower your decisions.

Your JBWealthFIT Journey

It's not just about retirement anymore. It's about setting yourself up for a healthy financial future. JBWealthFIT is the training you need to transform your financial life.
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Your JBWealthFIT Journey


  • How do I get started?

    Simply navigate to the Courses section at the top of this page, or click "Start Learning" to sign up for our course.

  • Do I have a JBWealthFIT account?

    All new learners will need to sign up for a new account through the JBWealthFIT portal.

  • What does the JBWealthFIT program cost me?

    The JBWealthFIT financial curriculum costs $149 to enroll for life. If your company is offering JBWealthFIT with 401k enrollment, the program is free of charge with a special discount code.

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